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Man: 28y (Venezuela) 8.1k visits

Interesado en conocer nuevas personas para disfrutar con plenitud!!!


Man: 44y (USA) 1.3k visits

2 videos


Gay man: 41y (Brazil) 40.9k visits

22 favs

whatsapp: (86) 9 9534 6599 contato exclusivo para propostas


Man: 34y (Canada) 4.3k visits

2 favs

porn addict , kronik bater


Man: (USA) 1.9k visits

51 photos

Open minded try any thing once, love eating pussy Yummy love a real cock up my ass an take a hot load down my throat leave a comment of what you want to see yummy


Gay man: 31y (Brazil) 2.5k visits

3 videos

Venda de videos Whast 55 63 991130650.só intresados Banco: 290 - PagSeguro Internet S.A. Agência: 0001 Número da conta: 15367937-8 Tipo: Conta de pagamento


Gay man: 48y (Czech Republic) 1.8k visits


Man: 59y (USA) 43.2k visits

19 videos - 42 favs - 32 photos

My album cover summarizes my obsession. Straight mwm for twenty yrs and ended up with a big cock fetish because I saw my wife getting cock like I’d never be able to give her. I became absolutely addicted to my wife getting her big dick fix. I spied and instantly knew I was bested. Why I got off so much to her cheating idk but seeing her and more importantly hearing her main groan grunt and wailing was mind blowing. I knew then I wasn’t going to give her my 7” I’d think of her being impaled and him making her take it , her squirming trying to get away, then pulling him into her. And again the noises were the most powerful. They make me cum like a cuck in no time. I couldn’t control myself and came so quickly I was embarrassed even when I was alone lol. She just never sounded so loud or orgasmic, she chibbered, like she was freezing. Now that’s going all the way from head to toe cumming. That’s why I am hunting for her experience with a man. He got her ass first time. She gave it up to him!! I’ll always see it when it popped in...She Always dictated the sex, always Sometimes I'd get a pat on the shoulder after spending sixty minutes trying to get her off, I really had to work. And afterwards she'd crack, don't cum a couple minutes after you get hard ..but its ok daddy then a snicker as she tapped my cock.. It is a fucking weiner , a quick draw. I spent more time in the book stores, just about every day comparing my cock and wanting to hold something bigger, always. Big dicks mesmerizied me, my wife getting so passionate when she was railed deeply. I was enthralled to touch one. One day the big dick guy I'd fantasized about came in my booth. I was stroking and he told me to put it up and showed me what a big cock felt like, I was smitten and hooked. I would soon feel a real man deep inside me. She was going out with and without me. Had a hot wife and didn't know it until late. Every sign was there in retrospect but I didn't snap to it. I always came in a few minutes, stupidly I would picture her cumming hard on a big cock and that's all it took, dammit! She would ask me if i wanted fuck that pussy a few minutes after me trying to hide that i came. Id finger and go down on her for the next half hour, hoping my cock would get hard again. My wife taunted me by going out the door Friday nights and saying it's girls night out or some other BS. With a wink she was out the door. She dressed better, smelled better and always always came home feeling better..i so badly wanted to watch her. I Was obsessed and could cum like a light switch thinking of her getting drilled deep. Was he cumming inside her? I was sure he was. I became a pussy in a sense, i had the opportunity to do the same, she said go for it you'll have fun. I tried but found myself in a booth jacking to cock. . I wanted to get fucked like she was. Fuck she became the 5th grade hotwife social studies teacher who loved big dick and could take it to. Where was she ten years ago?? When I asked too many questions she would say everything is fine, you have nothing to worry about I still love you ..this pang I felt was like cumming very hard a spasm-like ache that told me she was getting the cock she wanted and i was free to do the same. I knew I would cum too fast if I tried to fuck her, it would then reinforce i didn’t compare. Her friend jeanine knew the situation and i was embarrassed to be around her. I suspect she told others, it was irritating and worrisome too but it is just too easy for me to lose it. . Cuck, I knew the feeling of that now. She found my obsession, what i jack off so hard to, and also what else im infatuated with. A beautiful cock nice and smooth with big veins displaying power. I began to want that more than her. All of this was on the CPU I heard her gasp then say what the hell? My fantasy pics weren't secret, nothing was. She sat there slack jawed while I could only watch her looking at pic after pic of my huge toy(shane diesel casting) pic of me comparing my cock to that massive manhood. My hand truly won't go around all the way. She knew I was average and had a complex about it. Totally fucking shocked but ready to cum at the same time. He had to be 8" around at least. I came helplessly in 30 seconds. Sharing didn't do anything for her, so she didn't bother. She had mentioned a while back in a stern angry tone that would never happen-ever. We were both aware of her hotwife status now. It struck fear in me because how do u compete with that much girth? You don't. The guy is a stud and ive followed him a few times to. Finally one evening I got lucky. We were at jeanine's for a party and i had to work that night. Who the fuck shows up acting like a total stranger!! FM I felt like a pussy magnified. She played the game well. Fuck this I skipped work and feined leaving. Take a guess where they slipped off to..our house. I was officially ruined seeing her get submitted, her pussy made so much noise it and she fucking almost cried after she came. The deep kissing was disturbing too. I wanted to experience what she did. That became my obsession and #1 goal going to run into him ...i saw this dude scoot into a bookstore i go to. Im so going to hook up with him. I want to smell her pussy on his cock. Ive seen him put it on my wife like nobody's business.....I got that dick, all of it! He stopped seeing the wife and this guy is all over me to be he point where I'm going to get caught dammit. She tried her once a month fuck and I couldn't get it up for her having been dicked down past submission just hours before, shit it was almost funny, my dick wasn't going anywhere and she wasn't happy. I can see why she was drawn to him though. He says all the right things and has a cock that really is beautiful. I'm infatuated that he wants to be deep in my ass all of the time, it's unlike anything I'd ever felt. I wonder if she plans to find another? She would never ever be cool with me knowing or watching. She made it clear , don’t ask! I’ll tell you what I want and when. If you be a bitch about it I’ll cut you off of little bit you get now. I really want to feel a big dick I’m in Houston. Please get in touch and I will be sure that you can take me like a true stud. I’m like 3” soft and get to 7”. Grower not a shower


Gay man: 22y (Mexico) 1.9k visits


Man: 28y (USA) 3.5k visits

584 favs


Man: 26y (Brazil)

3 videos

Assistam meu canal no xvideos vai ter só putaria gostosa


Man: 29y (Bangladesh) 6k visits

12 photos


Man: 33y (India) 23.3k visits

170 favs - 22 photos

Hellow...every1.i like big ass. I m also a good pussy sucker..


Man: 68y (USA) 1.7k visits

5 favs

simple, love amateur MM seduction videos


Gay man: 30y (Colombia) 18.5k visits

4 videos


Man: (Venezuela) 1.7k visits

soy hombre caliente, mre gusta dar el culo


Man: (Indonesia) 3.6k visits

13 videos - 17 favs - 42 photos

looking for partner


Man: 47y (Czech Republic) 1.7k visits

4 favs - 5 photos

Kluk hledajici zde zenu ale i dve na popovidani o erotickych snech nesplnenych a take splnenych. Ja treba mam nesplneny sen. A to sex se dvema bi holkama. Touzim po tom ale zatim se my to nepovedlo zrealizovat. Muzete my s tim pomoci? Treba mate i vy neco nesplneneho. Muzeme se pokusit o zmenu. Jsem na cisle 775444792, [email protected] Budu se tesit


Man: 40y (Colombia) 8.4k visits

14 videos - 29 photos

Me encanta el sexo, me gusta el exhibicionismo,nudismo, paja, leche, pissing, porno, lo pervertido y extraño.. busco amigos para compartir estos gustos. me gusta gay outdoor masturbating


Man: 49y (Brazil) 16.8k visits

15 favs - 6 photos

Hoje sou uma MULHER TRANS,PODES ME CHAMAR DE AMBER e sou Passiva porém ainda sem hormônios. Mas logo começando minha Transição completa. Que inclui a redesignação sexual. Interesses: Aventuras. Diversão. Amizades. Muito,muito muito sexo. Busco: Homens Ativos. Casais Heteros. Casais Homossexuais. Casais Transexuais. Homens Bissexuais. Homens Trans. Travesti Ativas. Afeminados Ativos. CDzinhas Ativas. Ver um Casal transando sem participar ou participar dando ao marido apenas. Transar nas Ruas com pessoas observando. Participar de GANG BANG aonde eu seja a Rainha absoluta. Fazer DP anal meu sonho. Trepar com Pai e Filho juntos. Ser Escrava de um Macho Dominador (BDSM). Em resumo busco tudo e muito mais. Caso se interessem podem me adicionar,e que cada um de nós encontre aqui a realização de nossos objetivos sejam eles quais forem,prazer sou AMBER mas pra você sou apenas AMB...


Man: 45y (Australia) 2.4k visits

I wanna suck a big cock and fuck him at the same time then swap . Hot

Joel Uriel

Man: 38y (Mexico) 6k visits

7 favs - 86 photos



Man: (USA) 1.5k visits

3 photos

I am a bi guy that loves to have fun. Hit me up


Man: 32y (USA) 1.7k visits

3 videos

My husband and I love to meet knew people. Currently looking for a female or couple to share experience with


Man: 57y (USA) 3.3k visits

6 photos

I am a laid-back guy who loves male frottage. It's how I love to get off. The second way is getting some good, long, slow, head. I love foreplay, oil wrestling, DL Jerk-off Buddy, Full-body oil massages-giving and receiving!


Man: 48y (USA) 4.5k visits

318 favs - 5 photos

Confidence is sexy people!!! We don't have to be models to be sexy. We can't all be porn stars either. So be confident in yourselves and have fun with your lives!!! ? OK so, Hi there, my names John and I don't really see any reason to keep that a secret. I'm a 41 year old, attractive and clean, bi-sexual man. Thankfully, I was blessed (or cursed) with a big-dick. Not the biggest at the party, but in my experiences, rarely far from it. I truly believe this is the "largest" reason, (pun, that I became such a highly sexual person. And perhaps or most likely a big part of the reason I've developed a love, and thirst, for big beautiful throbbing cock. Well, that and finding my dad's porn stash long before reaching the sink might have helped a little too, lol. Anyways, because of those two elements that I developed some really good skills at pleasing myself and pleasing others as well. I just did to people what I learned by watching all that porn, throwing in my own personal touch along the way, and well, it seems to have worked out. Because I have had a ton of sex in my life and I have absolutely no intention of slowing down now!! I'm single, I'm healthy, and I'm getting better looking every!!! Anyways, I love having hot, fun, exciting experiences with hot, fun, confident people, of all it should be. So reach out and lets get to know each other. Maybe we can chat, or cam, and share some hot stories of fun times. Hell, maybe we we'll even meet up somewhere and create new stories to share with others. Or maybe meet them and make new stories..........see how that could keep going and going? :-) Hope we'll be chatting, or something, real soon!!!! Bye for now.


Gay man: 29y (China) 33.1k visits

17 videos - 11 favs - 12 photos


Man: 21y (USA)

2 videos

20 years old I love running exercising video games shopping working cleaning socializing clubbing rollerskating ice skating making videos dancing boating drawing hiking trails yard work organizing watching tv pc xbox watching movies taking pictures cooking errands and paying my bills

Gayrostov Soska

Man: 45y (Russia) 1.5k visits

11 videos - 158 favs - 123 photos

Я Би . Пассив . В БДСМ-нижний . Пидор . С удовольствием делаю куни и минет . Очень нравится анальный и групповой секс. Люблю чмор , унижения , выполнять распоряжения Госпожи или Господина .Хорошо отношусь к общению , новым знакомствам и встречам. //*************************************************** I'm bisexual . Passive. The BDSM sub. Fagot. With pleasure I do Cooney and Blowjob. I really like anal and group sex. I love blasphemy, humiliation, obey the orders of the Mistress or the Lord. I have a good attitude to communication, new acquaintances and meetings.


Man: 23y (Argentina) 1.6k visits

129 videos

Hi Im Jake Vow Im a Bisexual 18 Years Old guy who likes nudism, exhibiosionism and jerk off in public (Car, Bathrooms, Outdoor). Also I make Custom Videos for money and WebCam Sessions (Very Cheap). Also I make Cum Tributes in a Big Screen


Man: 35y (Czech Republic) 11.9k visits

58 favs

Bi is best :-)


Gay man: 26y (USA) 2.7k visits

8 videos - 102 photos

I'm a very openminded dirty kinky submissive sissy that loves dressing up and wants to expand my clothing amd toy collection. I would love to become a full time crossdressing sissy slave. however I am fairly new to fully dressing outside of sexual times. About a year and ahalf ago (begining of 2019) I decided and knew I wanted to become a full time sissy girl however that also doesnt happen over night (massage me if youd like my full story of becoming my sissy fem slef) Im in the earily stages of this but the more I learn do and explore into this life style the more I'm falling in love with it. Feel free to massage me with any questions you have i love to chat and share how im transforming and feel free to ask about my fantasys about being a sissy slave for my master or mistress. I'd love to meet some new people make some new friends and hopefully learn from others more about this life. Theres only so much you can learn from reading and if theres anyway i can help someone out in some way I'm always glad to share what i know. Ive learned so far I deffantly love being a submissive bottom. I also love exploring new things, love kinky sex and am looking to try even more then i already have. Please feel free to massage me to chat ask questions or just to talk for awile I love to chat. In a perfect world id love to meet some new people to help/train me to become a good sissy girl and find myslef a kinky dom daddy or mistress to let me be a sissy girl in a long term relationship. But as well all know the worlds not perfict lol. I also love takeing pics when im dressed up and enjoy I can put pics and maybe even start makeing videos for here. Also I'm hopeing I can use this as a timeline from beginning to haveing a full wardrobe of sexy cloths and the end result of me becoming who I know I am and want to be. Please feel free to massage me and ask me anything youd like to know more about me or just chat and learn from eachother or get someone elces feedback on something.


Man: 38y (USA) 5.3k visits

3 photos

Well....ask and you shall receive


Man: 34y (USA) 1.2k visits

159 favs

She's 20 I'm 31 and looking for a man, woman, or couple to have a good time with. Were open-minded, non judgmental. Wanna try something new: Trans couple. If you have questions, just ask!


Gay man: 30y (Argentina) 5.7k visits

6 videos

Me gusta el porno y la masturbación.


Man: 24y (USA)

3 videos


Man: 26y (United Kingdom) 2.5k visits

6 videos - 1 fav

Hello, My name is Nathan and I'm from Scotland. I am attracted to Older men 40+. I'm looking for a relationship with an older man that I can spend my time with. My interests are Gaming, Movies, Sports, Fitness, Travel and Sex.

Monty Twink

Gay man: 20y (USA) 3.6k visits

1 video

Hello everyone! If you want to see the continuation of my videos, follow the link to my Onlyfans page!


Man: 26y (Brazil) 6.7k visits

59 favs

Novinho. 22 anos. solteiro. Afim de curtir. Wpp 98220 1691 Somente de manaus, por favor.

Louis Joker

Gay man: 21y (Brazil) 4k visits

Atendo a casais Gordos , peludos ,heteros , gays Vai no bate papo e agenda seu horario Ou então no 99909-4036


Gay man: 51y (USA) 6.8k visits

I am a Young looking Mexican mix Spanish, Brown Hair, Blue Eyes, 6 ft Tall, 190 lbs, 35 waist.

Niur Lazuri

Man: 22y (Argentina) 3.5k visits


Man: 46y (United Kingdom) 2.8k visits

Kik: doggingincoventry Snapchat: wideboy37

Kelly Paul80

Man: 29y (Nigeria)

5 videos

Kelly, the big cock always ready to service you...


Man: 26y (Brazil) 17.2k visits

4 videos - 20 photos

Sou discreto e curto uma rola. Sou independente, moro só. Se tiver afim de meter só chamar no whats 65 81033166

G Gemini

Gay man: 40y (Thailand) 2.4k visits

2 videos


Man: 31y (USA) 5.4k visits

20 photos

Bi curies, latino, average hairy body. Seeking man too Snapchat with and trade pics.


Man: (USA) 1.4k visits

2 videos

I love showing off my ass to the camera.


Man: 25y (USA) 2.5k visits

6 videos - 12 photos

Married italian bisexual boy Hi, i'm John enjoy with my videos and pics <3 I'm here because in this community I'm free to show what I like!! ;))) I really like showing myself while playing with my asshole, I love feeling like a whore!! .. Love to life! Love to cock! Love to ride BIG COCK! You can add to your favorites my photos and videos without any problems


Gay man: 27y (Italy) 1.3k visits

1 video - 4 photos


Gay man: 27y (USA) 4.7k visits

2 videos - 5 favs - 8 photos


Man: 43y (Netherlands) 16.6k visits

12 videos

im bi man . i like girls but im curious about many things :) so....enjoy


Man: 32y (USA) 4k visits


Man: 56y (USA) 5.7k visits

6 videos - 3 favs

Married Daddy. Open relationship with my Husband. Live in Wisconsin. Love to dominate Bois (Over 18!), miscellaneous fetishes. Gear; Leather, all things Nasty Pig, cockrings, bondage, armpits, boots, jocks, kissing, passion, slapping, spitting, piss (not in my mouth), beards, bearded-hairy men, shaved Bois, Love Mixed men. Black, Asians, twinks, Tattoos a huge Plus!


Man: 45y (USA) 3k visits

5 videos - 3 favs


Man: 34y (USA) 2.2k visits

3 favs - 7 photos


Gay man: 31y (USA) 1.1k visits

3 videos - 8 photos


Man: 48y (Canada) 2.8k visits

18 favs - 3 photos

sorry no video atm chat within xvideos only please


Man: 43y (Spain) 3.7k visits

i lke hairy and big men, with big arms and hands


Man: 30y (Lao People's Democratic Republic) 9.7k visits

19 videos - 62 photos



Man: 29y (USA) 1.2k visits

2 videos - 7 photos

@vaughn0628 is my twittter handle. Message me on one of those two platforms and lets get to know each other, maybe plan something fun? Love making new content so dont be shy!


Man: 28y (Colombia) 7.4k visits

1 video - 5 photos

en mi sitio web se les facilitara encontar ese single para cumplir su fantacia de trios o las parejas para hacer ese intercambio swinger que tanto desean no duden en ponerse en contacto con nuestros asesores quienes le orientaran para encontrar facil y rapido eso que tanto ah deseado


Man: 25y (Brazil) 35.3k visits

3 videos - 171 favs - 11 photos

novinho, 19 anos, puto, a fim de fuder e ser fudido...


Man: (USA) 13.1k visits

5 videos - 2 favs - 12 photos

Libra male single always horny just looking for good times and good friends.


Gay man: 28y (Mexico) 8.7k visits

4 videos - 1 fav - 17 photos

Te gusta grabar vídeo hablame yo pasivo, en Guatemala


Man: 33y (USA) 1.4k visits

4 favs

Just a guy who likes the whole pleasure thing. I'm bisexual, but I'm not into guys the same way I'm into girls. I've always liked looking at other guys' cocks, and was always excited for an opportunity where I met someone like-minded. Really though, the cock and balls, and whatever comes in between making a nice one (big or small) shoot it's cum, is as far as my interest goes with guys. I've never let any of my ex girlfriends know that I'm bi. I suppose I'm not so cock-hungry when I have some bouncy titties in my hands and a nice wet pussy to stab. I'm open to a lot, and trying new things to see what I may like. Like how I would have never found out that I cum like a fire hose when a guy slides his cock in and out of me lol. Pretty versital though. HMU


Man: 26y (United Kingdom) 4.6k visits

21 videos

Looking for a sugar daddy who can show me the way, up for anything that’s safe, love the thought off a married man fucking me deep in he’s wife’s bed, if anyone can give me that please come forward, I do private meets for paying customers, my PayPal in the website. Safe only tho please


Man: 50y (Australia)

17 videos - 49 favs - 425 photos

Bondage sex slave that can be used and fucked 1 on 1 (but) as I have been fucked by over 500 cocks, including many groups varying between 4 to 12 guys, there is no limit to the number I can be gang banged by. Have been taken to male sex clubs, male adult venues, gay bars, nudist beaches, people’s homes, motels, warehouses, public toilets, public parks where I have been stripped naked, blindfolded and then tied up, spread out and helpless, no say in it, and with multiple complete strangers taking turns with me. I am looking for a number of guys who want to share me as their sex slave ongoing. They not only use and fuck me, but they invite or sell me to ant others they like to use me, fuck me, and film me, they can be any age, any race, any size and they can all fuck me bareback (like all slaves should be fucked. The idea being that over time I lose all rights, I have no choice but to do anything I am told, or I am tied up totally and punished by have disgusting degrading and humiliation things tattooed on my body. An example would be a monster 14-inch cock. Along the way a constant collection of porn films is taken and uploaded online with the purpose of showing the world in close up and great detail, how many others use and fuck me. Being a white Caucasian (Australian), I am particularly interested in serving guys from Indian, Africa, Middle East, or who are Muslim, guys with the biggest cocks possible, and Dark coloured guys who want to pound and make a white slut’s hole gap wide open. They can tie me up and film it to see which guy with the biggest cock can fuck slave the hardest and most. Can be filmed POV and with face fully shown to make porn movies.


Gay man: 44y (USA) 1.8k visits

Ready and waiting

Cutie Indian

Man: 28y (India) 5.9k visits

2 videos

we are a indian couple living in delhi,recently married for a year. about me i have a long dick of 6.5 inches and fair body, everyone loves me for my dick. i have a very sexy slim wife whom i fuck her in weekends. i will be uploading our videos too but without faces.


Man: 25y (Brazil) 45k visits

1,667 favs


Man: 25y (Sweden) 2.9k visits

2 videos

I like to have rough hard sex and also like solo things:) follow my instagram: victor_imperatore. I am from sweden and 22 years old.


Man: 26y (Brazil) 1.1k visits

3 videos

love pick up on my dick come you too pick up ????

Greyj 28

Man: (Philippines)

2 videos

Let's play!


Gay man: 47y (Poland) 23.2k visits

15 videos - 474 favs - 43 photos

HI my name is Robert Mikita and I live in Poland. I;m gay, I have a profile here to show myself, my nudity and meet nice boys here. I greet you guys and kiss you PLEASE, SHARE MY NAKED VIDEOS AND PHOTOS. THANK YOU My websites with my naked films and photos on which I am: My Skype: robcio19732


Man: 33y (Brazil) 2.7k visits

2 videos - 1 fav

Puto passivo entre Salvador e SP procurando propostas indecentes


Man: 29y (Serbia) 9.2k visits

16 favs

I'm iToy for you and give me a yours bad, bad toy! SNAP: mutant_sexy _My Jukebox_ **.youtube*/watch?v=aQRLSBUNupg&feature=endscreen&NR=1 **.youtube*/watch?v=VL63ButGE58

Mpk Producoes

Gay man: 37y (Brazil)

5 videos

Produtora de conteúdos voltado ao público gay

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